My Favorite Posh Products
My Favorite Posh Products

Wondering what Posh you should try first?  Here are my personal favorites!

BFF Face Wash  – this face wash is a Posh lover’s must have!  This peppermint exfoliating face wash is refreshing and leaves you with a clean feeling.  I’ve been using this face wash for over 4 years and no longer have breakouts

The Healer Skin Stick – this shea butter skin stick with vanilla and orange essential oil  is miracle worker for cuts, burns, excema, dry patches.  The convenient stick makes application super easy

Prize on the Eyes Eye Serum – this eye serum not only helps reduce dark circles, it also helps prevent fine lines to proactively combat wrinkles around the eye

Gender Bender Charcoal DeTox Soap-this charcoal soap is not only great for a deep clean, including grease and Sharpie markers, it’s amazing on both face and body acne as well.

Just Chillin Giant Cooling Stick-this menthol and aloe stick immediately cools and soothe aches caused by tension.  I get immediate relief from tension neck and headaches

Snarky Bar-I use this sugar scrub in bar form for 3 things-exfoliate my skin, scrub the dead skin off the bottom of my feet and once wet, this bar creates a shea butter gel that is amazing to use for shaving.  Exfoliating while you shave lengthens the amount of time that your shave and your razor last, since you aren’t shaving dead skin!  Snarky Bars come in a variety of scents, my favorite is the Classic Pink.

Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme-our famous hand cremes are made with apricot kernel oil so they are not greasy.  The apricot kernel oil soaks into the skin so quickly, this hand creme leaves almost a powder finish, allowing you to grab a doorknob or your phone right after applying

Cackle Spackle Detox Charcoal Mask-this spearmint mask detoxes your skin uses all natural charcoal, which can pull 2000 times its own weight in impurities.  This mask detoxes your skin from the toxins its exposed to every day, helping to reduce breakouts and fine lines,

Call It A Night Nighttime Face OilWhy a face oil?  This light, almost waterline texture, is moisturizing without making my face feel greasy.  Face oils actually stop your face from producing excess oil as it mimics the oil in your skin, making face oils great for all skin types.

Hips Don’t Lie Caffeinated Body Creme-if you have certain skin areas that need a little tightening?   This body lotion is loaded with caffeine that provide temporary tightening for cellulite once applied and rubbed in.

Check out all the products in the Posh Store to find your favorites!